Statement of Intent

Muntons plc will, as part of its overall business management strategy, comply with all relevant legal requirements as they relate to environmental issues. We take a responsible approach to environmental management and training and wish to be ‘good neighbours’.

Our commitment is to minimise the impact of our operation on the environment through continual improvement so that: -

  • The requirement of all current relevant legislation is met.
  • Incidents of pollution are prevented.
  • The consumption of raw materials is minimised.
  • Energy is managed to achieve year on year reductions per tonne of output.
  • The principles of Best Available Technique are used where appropriate.
  • Emissions to air and water are reduced and the land filling of solid waste is minimised.
  • Our environmental performance is monitored and reviewed.
  • We measure and understand the implications of our carbon footprint.


Environmental Objectives

The following objectives support the Company’s Environmental Policy.

  • To communicate the environmental policy to all employees, contractors, sub contractors and temporary staff.
  • To agree energy performance targets each year.
  • To reduce pro-rata the consumption of raw materials, including packaging, per tonne.
  • To minimise the production of waste materials.
  • To authorise significant change to plant or process in advance to prevent any unacceptable environmental impacts.
  • Strive to achieve the malting industry emission targets in order to secure the reduced rate under the Climate Change Levy.
  • Strive to achieve the site specific targets as defined in the National Allocation plan set out under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) on an annual basis.
  • We aim to understand our Carbon Footprint and minimise the impact of our own operations and engage our suppliers and customers in such discussions.
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