Muntons has developed a reputation for being able to engage with many parts of the supply chain on the subject of sustainable foods and recently took the chance to enthuse 1000 potential consumers of malted products aged between 10-16 who will make sustainable food choices in the near future – or not. Using the example of Chocolate Muffins we presented the students with a malted ingredient story that involved substitution of cocoa sourced many miles away in Ghana. Muntons has developed an award-winning cocoa replacer we call Maltichoc that is a special formulation of different types of malted ingredients – but all of them grown within 50 miles of our main malting plant in Stowmarket. The carbon footprint of cocoa is around 42,000kgCO2e/tonne product whereas the malted alternative is only 1080kgCO2e/tonne. Much of the cocoa footprint relates to deforestation and transportation, but the difference is nonetheless worth talking about. Not only are muffins able to be baked with a lower carbon footprint, but the maltichoc substitute is cheaper and improves the moisture retention and overall colour hue to the extent that customers in taste tests believe they are buying a premium product. This is a great sustainable story. The manufacturer makes more profit by selling a malted ingredient substitute, the bakery reduces ingredient cost yet improves margin because the customer experience is enhanced and a basic product can become a premium product. Such a model is one to repeated in the future as food supplies come under pressure yet at the same time shows that being green does not mean being boring – it means looking for the right solution that is truly sustainable and eminently marketable to the future environmentally savvy population.